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The Pelayos Movie Review, Trailer

The Pelayos - posterTitle: The Pelayos

Year: 2012

Country: Spain

Directed by Eduard Cortés

Starring: Daniel Brühl, Lluís Homar, Miguel Angel Silvestre, Chi Chiu, Oriol Vila, Vicente Romero, Blanca Suarez, Marina Salas

The Pelayos is one of the newest and most interesting movies about casino. It is noteworthy that the adventurous story told in the film, is inspired by true events and tells about famous clan Pelayo. Members of this family are great masters of the roulette and know exactly how to outplay casino in an honest way. Due to their artistic finesses they managed to drive a great many casinos around the world to bankruptcy. Their vast talent allowed them to become owners of multi-million dollar capital, as well as to perpetuate their names in the names of poker schools. They were so strong and talented players that their passion became point of their lives, as well as bread and butter. Moreover, the head of the clan found a way to drive casinos to bankruptcy 20 years ago.

If you enjoy exciting movies about casino, The Pelayos is exactly what you should evaluate in the immediate evening.

The slogan of the film is: “They managed to grab the tail of the luck, stay alive and in the money”. This wonderful story tells about how using a set of specific knowledge and talents one can outplay casinos around the world, both playing roulette and poker. We offer you to start watching the movie online right now.

The Pelayos – Watch trailer online.

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