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Starting Hands Chart by David Sklansky

In this article we present starting hands chart by David Sklansky, famous author of many popular books.

Starting hands chart is first of all useful for beginners who have difficulties with deciding on the flop which starting hands are worth playing. It will help them to make right choices that will mathematically increase their chances of winning and save from difficult situations.

Starting Hand Chart

David Sklansky Starting Hand Chart

s – suited cards, x – any card of the lower rank

As you can see, the chart is divided into several categories, because when playing these hands your position at the table is very important.

If you are in an early position, you should play only hands of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd categories. In the middle position, hands from the 1st to the 5th categories are played. In the late position, hands of the first seven categories are played. Blinds play starting hands of all eight categories.

What is good about online poker is that you do not need to know the chart by heart. It is enough to save it on your computer, and, when playing, open it in a new window.

Of course, starting hands chart will help you to understand poker quickly. But do not forget that in addition to the position, there are other factors affecting the choice of starting hands. These are the number of players in the game, opponents’ style of play (and your own style), whether there was a raise at the pre-flop or not (and whether the raise is possible after your move).

More experienced players can play hands that are not in this chart as they can benefit more when playing on the flop, turn and river. Beginners are better to play tight and stick to the chart.