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What is Showdown in Poker? Rules of Showdown

Showdown is the final stage of poker hand when all the players who have reached it show their cards. The pot is awarded to the player who has collected the strongest hand. It is a kind of a game culmination – all rounds of betting as well as a tremendous emotional stress are left behind.

Rules of Showdown

  • If at the final stage of betting no one plays aggressively, showdown starts with the player who is to the left of the button. Then it comes clockwise. If there has been an aggression, the priority of showing cards first is given to the player, who was the last to act aggressively (bet or raise).
  • A player with the weakest hand, compared to those who showed their cards earlier, can declare defeat, without opening his /her cards. Professionals almost always apply this rule: shown hand gives more information about their style of play. However, players who placed all their chips by Showdown cannot do so.
  • If at the Showdown players have equally strong hands, the pot is shared equally.
  • It is banned to expose only some of the cards – players should not be denied the opportunity to compare final hands.
  • If at the Showdown there is only one player who has not folded, he / she has the right to take the pot without exposing his / her cards.
  • Pots that were formed in the course of the hand fall into from the earliest to the latest ones.
  • To save time, players may agree to simultaneous showdown.

In poker, everyone is responsible for themselves. No player should report his / her actions to the opponents. The main thing is not to be excessively emotional either in case of victory or defeat, and to complete the game as tactfully as possible.