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Shark Out of Water Review, Trailer

Shark Out of WaterDirector: Juan Riedinger

Starring: Matty Finochio, Artine Brown, Phil Hellmuth, Brad Booth, Kristine Cofsky
Country: USA, Canada

Release: 2008

Shark Out of Water is a realistic poker film by director Juan Riedinger. The film has been nominated for several film festivals and has received a lot of positive reviews from critics. Though the film lasts only 18 minutes, it perfectly shows how poker depends on luck. Furthermore, the slogan of the film sounds ‘Is Skill Enough When Your Luck Runs Dry?’

In his film, Juan Riedinger (scriptwriter and director) has shown a believable story of two guys. They are good poker players trying to make money playing poker. But, even if you are a poker master, the final word rests with luck. Because, in most cases, luck decides whether you win or lose. The story can happen to everyone who plays poker, so any player will be able to imagine himself as if he were the protagonist.

Moreover, Shark Out of Water starring the famous poker players Brad Booth and Phil Hellmuth. They have made the picture more realistic. I especially like an expression from the movie said by Phil Hellmuth, “…you gotta pay to see’em”.

The film is not only for poker players, but it is also for those who have no idea about poker and gambling.

Shark Out of Water – Watch Trailer Online

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