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What is a Shark in Poker

Shark in poker means a very good poker player. Similar term is in business : “business shark” refers to a successful businessmen. Winning all the time, sharks “eat” money of weak players – so-called “Fish”. Regulars, who easily recognise weak players, and who are casino habitues, can also act as sharks: “Fish” is the main source of their income.

If you think of poker players in terms of the food chain, on the top of it there would be the strongest players – “sharks of poker”. Weaker players – “Fish” – would be at the bottom of the food chain. “Fish” has a lot of other disdainful names: “asses”, “profanes”, “monkeys”. The major losers who have lost significant sums of money at high stakes are called “whales”.

The main peculiarity of poker is that in the short-run almost every player, regardless of the level of his / her skills, can be lucky to get a big win, but at the long distance the main part is played by the degree of the player’s professionalism.

If you want to be successful in poker, you have to understand that the process of becoming a Shark takes a whole playing career. To feel running you should constantly improve playing skills, learn something new from players of a higher professional level – there is always a way to make your game better.

Players who do not have sufficient playing experience have small love for resisting Sharks. It is fair enough as “sharks”, with high level of qualification, manage hand over fist to win large sums of money, making their opponents losers. Playing with “Shark” is dangerous enough, but it can be an excellent opportunity to learn the techniques of the pros. It is also useful to watch how “Fish” plays – having learned to anticipate actions of another player, you will get the advantage in the game.