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Razz Poker Rules and Hands – How to Play Razz Games

Razz is a kind of the seven-card poker that appeared in 1900. At first this poker game enjoyed great popularity, comparable perhaps only to Five Card Draw or Seven Card Stud. And so it went until Holdem and Omaha games appeared in the world of poker. Like in other traditional poker games, in Razz player is dealt 7 cards and only 5 from them are eventually selected. A key feature of this game is that on the table there are absolutely no community cards, and winning is the lowest of all hands.

Within this framework it follows that the main objective of the game is to collect 5 the lowest cards. Moreover, ace in this game is considered to be the lowest card in the deck.

Basic rules of the game

Rules of the game are not as difficult as it may seem at first glance, so anyone can deal with them easily.

So, before the cards are dealt, all players in Razz make a forced bet, known as the “ante”. Its size is determined by the game and it is reflected in the name of the table.

First, each player receives 3 cards, two of which are dealt face down, and one – face up. The bring-in in the game is made by the player with the highest card among those that are face up. In fact, this very player makes the first move. Moreover, this player has to make either another mandatory bet or make a full bet in the lower betting increment. Action continues clockwise around the poker table until betting round is complete.

Then comes “the fourth round”, where each player at the table receives another card face up. The first player to act is the player with the strongest card. Then there is a standard round of betting.

Next comes “the fifth round”, where players get one more card. The player with the strongest hand again acts first. Then there is a standard round of betting.

The last but one stage of the game is “the sixth round”, in which players are dealt another card. Again, the player with the strongest card acts first. Then there is a standard round of betting.

Final betting start in “the seventh round”, where each player gets the last card face down. As in other cases, the player with the strongest card acts first. If at the end of the round at the table there are only a few players remained, a showdown occurs and a winner is determined.

Determining the winner

The player who made the last bet or raise is the first to show his / her cards. If in the last round there was no betting, the player in the earliest seat show his / her cards first, then showdown occurs clockwise.

The whole pot is awarded to the player who has the best low hand of 5 cards.

If two or more players have hands of the same value, the pot is equally split among them.

Hands in Razz

If to give examples of the most successful hands, the best one is considered to be A2345. Straight and flush in this variety of poker do not count.

The most unfortunate combinations are pairs “three of a kind” and “four of a kind”, since they are hands with which beginners usually lose big pots. Thus, for example, the hand of 5-5-5-2-2-3-4 may seem quite successful, but it contains low cards and quickly loses to the hand of TJQKAAK, since the latter contains a pair.

The best possible starting hand can be A23. It is better to refuse at all from hands with cards higher than 9 and pairs.

Summing up, it should be said where one can play Razz. Today you can find it foremost on PokerStars. Despite the fact that sometimes it may be found in other poker rooms, it is a part of WSOP since 1971.