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PokerStars Settings – How to Customize PokerStars

PokerStars software client has a number of settings, allowing you to set some parameters to make the poker client more comfortable and functional for every particular player. In this article we will try to show basic settings, which players use most often.

How to hide pop-up ads about the tournaments?

While playing on PokerStars quite often there appear ads about the upcoming tournaments on PokerStars, what sometimes can greatly irritate. On default, PokerStars always shows ads about the upcoming tournaments, which pop-up atop the table and are displayed in the chat, but you can easily fix it via some settings. To do it, click Settings » Table Appearance » Announcements in the main lobby of PokerStars, and uncheck “Message Box on Table” and “Chat Message”.

Delete ads about the tournaments

How to set bets slider?

Another very useful feature, which is disabled on default, is bets slider settings that allow you to add bets buttons shortcuts (½ of the pot, ⅔ of the pot, etc.). To enable bets slider click Settings » Gameplay » Bet Slider, and tick off “Bet Slider Shortcut Buttons”. You can now enable and set the desired size of the fast bets at the preflop and postflop.

Customize bets slider

How to set limits for cash games and SNGs?

On PokerStars, there is one very important setting, which allows you to set limits for poker games that gives you an opportunity to play limits that fit your bankroll. In particular, this feature is very useful for players prone to tilt. To set limits for the cash games or tournaments, you have to click Tools » Responsible Gaming » Restrict Table Limit in the main lobby, and choose for which games and what limits you want to set. The beauty of this feature is that you can set limits at any time, but to lift limits you will be able only in one night. Therefore, if you are very hot-tempered, this setting will help you to keep your money safe.

Set game limits

How to remove “Fold” and “Open cards” buttons?

When betting on PokerStars is over, there often appear “Fold” and “Open cards” buttons, which is getting very annoying with time. Moreover, it is always better to hide your cards regardless of whether you win or lose. To do it, just go to Settings » Gameplay » Show / Muck Hands, and tick the box, as it is shown in the picture.

Remove Fold and Open cards buttons

How to find out whether there are tournament tickets available?

Quite often you can win a tournament ticket, get a bonus ticket or etc. But of course it is very easy to forget about this ticket, let alone remember the name of the tournament, for which you have a ticket. If this happens, do not worry because you can always find out whether there are tournament tickets available having visited Account » My Tournament Tickets.

Tournament tickets

How to hide yourself from the search?

Everybody knows that on PokerStars you can find any player, knowing his username. But if you do not want other players be able to find you (especially if you are a beginner and play poorly), simply click Settings » Global » Privacy and tick off «Hide me from “Find a Player” search tool».

Hide yourself from search

How to set to always play at the same seat?

Most players have a favourite seat where it is simply easier for them to play, and in order not to constantly change it, you can select a favourite seat where you prefer to play. To do this, just go to Settings » Table Appearance » Preferred Seat, and choose a place at the table where you prefer to play.

Favourite place

How to hide your VIP status?

You must have often noticed that some of the players at the table do not have VIP status. To hide your VIP status from other players, go to Settings » VIP » VIP Status Display, and uncheck “Show my VIP status to other players”.

Hide VIP status

In this article, we have shown the most necessary and useful settings of PokerStars, but having “fiddled” with the lobby of PokerStars, you can find other equally useful for you settings.