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How to Play PokerStars for Real Money

You can play at PokerStars for conventional as well as for real money. And a question often occurs to the beginners: How to play for real money? The matter is that PokerStars has two versions of the client software: one version allows you to play only for conventional money, and the other one – both, for conventional as well as real money. and – What Is the Difference?

If you do not have an account with PokerStars, you can create it in a few minutes. To do this, follow the instructions for signing up with PokerStars. After that, you will be able to play poker for conventional chips for free or, if you want, to make deposit and play for real money against real opponents.

If you already have an account with Poker Stars, but online poker is available only for conventional money, it means that you are using version where only free games are available (for chips). In order to have an opportunity to play for real money, you have to download the full version of the client. In order to download the full version of PokerStars, you have to:

  • remove the old version of the client from your computer,
  • download the full version of the poker client from website (it will open in a new window),
  • install the client on your computer.

After that you will be able to log in to the main lobby with your previous username and password.

How to Determine That You Have Downloaded and Set Up the Full Version of PokerStars?

If you have installed the full version (, having logged in to the main lobby, in the right lower menu you will have the “Cashier”. If the “Cashier” menu is not displayed, it means that you have downloaded programme, thus you cannot play for money until you install the full version.

Pokerstars Cashier

As you can see, PokerStars has two sites in the net and com domain extension.  The main difference is that on only free poker games are available, and on there are online games for real money as well. Therefore is mainly used for advertising in media, since the game is free and it is not against the law.