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How to Download PokerStars Software

Anyone can download and set up PokerStars software. You can do it very easily and quickly. But since not all people are experienced Internet users, we will describe detailed instructions for downloading and setting up PokerStars on computer or other device.

The main thing you have to do is to go to the official website of PokerStars and download the latest version of PokerStars client program.

Download Pokerstars

Download PokerStars from the official site

Once you are on PokerStars, click the tab “Download & Play” or “Play Poker Now”. In any case, PokerStars software download will start.

How to download PokerStars on computer?

Download PokerStars in Google Chrome

If you are using Google Chrome browser:

  • Go to PokerStars website;
  • Click “Play Poker Now”;
  • Wait until the download is completed.

When the download is complete, click the tab “PokerStarsInstall.exe” to the left at the bottom of the screen. PokerStars setup wizard will start and you will be able to set up the software on your computer.

Download Pokerstars in Chrome

If the download is successful, but you cannot find the file “PokerStarsInstall.exe”, click “Ctr + J” in your browser, or go to the Google Chrome menu »Downloads. Set up file “PokerStarsInstall.exe” will be there.

Download Pokerstars in Chrome

Download PokerStars in Mozilla Firefox

Run Mozilla Firefox browser and go to PokerStars website. Press “Play Poker Now”. A window will appear, offering to save the file “PokerStarsInstall.exe” on the computer. Click “Save File”.

Download Pokerstars in Mozilla

Click the icon “Display the progress of ongoing downloads”.

Download Pokerstars in Mozilla

Click “PokerStarsInstall.exe” – PokerStars setup wizard will start.

Download PokerStars in Opera

In Opera browser, download PokerStars from the official website. Then go to Opera menu » Downloads. Find file “PokerStarsInstall.exe”, and run it – PokerStars client software set up will start.

Download Pokerstars in Opera

Download PokerStars in Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer browser, as soon as you click “Play Poker”, a line at the bottom of the screen will appear: “Do you want to run or save PokerStarsInstall.exe from”. Click “Run” – in this case PokerStars setting up will start automatically after the download is completed.

Download Pokerstars in Explorer