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Poker TV series Tilt Review

Tilt posterTitle: Tilt

Director: T. J. Scott, Jeremiah S. Chechik, John Dahl, Michael DeCarlo, Brian Koppelman, David Levien

Starring: Michael Madsen, Chris Bauer, Kristin Lehman, Don McManus, Todd Williams

Country: USA

Release: 2005

Tilt is one of a kind TV series about poker games. All people, who have a fancy for poker, will appreciate the series. Moreover, Tilt was written by authors of the Rounders’ movie. And the series slogan sounds quite intriguing, “You’re playing poker. They’re playing you”.

Plot Summary

Don Everest (Michael Madsen) known as ‘The Matador’ is a gambler, cardsharper and scoundrel, so he is a current king of poker in underground casino rooms. A trio of friends Eddie, Clark and Ellen are professional poker players. And they decided to join their forces to depose Don Everest from his ‘throne’. To do it they have to beat him at an unofficial world poker championship in Las Vegas, but for this the friends need to find a lot of money and to convince a tournament manager to register them for the championship.

Good production and successful actors’ casting have shown excellent game that perfectly captures the atmosphere and tension at a poker table. So, the whole series is watched at one go, and if you haven’t seen Tilt yet, you will get loads of positive emotions viewing it.

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