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Poker King/Pou Hark Wong – Review, Trailer

Poker King posterTitle: Poker King/Pou Hark Wong

Director: Chan Hing Kai

Starring: Ching Wan Lau, Louis Koo, Josie Ho, Stephy Tang, Cherrie Ying, Kama Lo

Country: Hong Kong

Release: 2009

Poker King (original title is Pou Hark Wong) is a comedy filmed by Hong Kong filmmakers. The plot of the story is centered around poker games and casinos.


After his father’s death, Jack Cheung (Louis Koo) is the main heir to the largest casino in Macau. Actually, the casino is owned and managed by Uno (Ching Wan Lau). Jack is a good poker player but he gets all his achievements in online poker games. At the meantime a poker championship is approaching where Jack and Uno will face to decide which of them the “Poker King” is. Though Jack has no experience of playing live poker, fortunately, he meets Smiley (Cherry Ying), who is also a good poker player and she takes up training Jack.

Poker King/Pou Hark Wong – Watch Trailer Online

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