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What is Bubble in Poker

Being new to poker and just starting your way in professional game, you must have come across such an interesting term as Bubble. It concerns tournament poker and is very essential in the game. This term means a stage of the game at which there are just a few people before prize zone. Accordingly, this stage is also one of the most intense, as none of the players wants to leave the game without money and “fly on the bubble”, that is to leave the competition without any prize. Usually in poker this stage is half an hour before payments.

How not to become a “bubble boy”?

In order not to leave the tournament without money, every player should know how to behave at this stage of the game. This requires a certain strategy, which every player can develop basing on a few professional tips from the experienced players.

First of all it is worth noting that in most cases at the bubble the game significantly slows down, as every single player is afraid to leave the game ahead of time. Therefore, it is particularly important at the bubble to watch the size of your own stack. Typically, owners of the big stacks try to identify those players who have little money and leave them in the cold as soon as possible. For this reason, if you turned out to have a short stack, you need to think every step in advance.

Your strategy at bubble will depend on the size of your stack, which can be big, average or small.

In the case of a big stack, you can easily show aggression, thereby forcing other players to fold at the flop. This technique is especially effective if other players stick to a tight style of the game and have short stacks.

When playing with an average stack it is wiser to play more relaxed. Wait a few minutes, take advantage of your position and try to beat the opponent out at the flop. And then start to take risks, being already in the pay-in area.

With a small stack your chances are not too high, as every blind is bad for you. Therefore, you should behave very carefully at the table, not wasting any chip. In some cases, it is reasonable even to fold AK or JJ hand if you suspect that the next blind will take the whole available stack of your opponent at the table.