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Poker Alice Movie Review, Trailer

Poker Alice posterDirector: Arthur Allan Seidelman

Starring: Elizabeth Taylor, George Hamilton, Tom Skerritt

Country: USA

Release: 1987

Poker Alice is a film related to gambling. Although, the film includes just a few scenes of poker games but you should watch this movie because the prototype of the main character is taken from a real person the Boston-bred lady Alice Ivers, also known as “Poker Alice”.

Alice lived in the 1870s in the Wild West and ran gaming-house and brothel. And as the story tells, she had a craving for gambling.

The Poker Alice movie was filmed in a western genre and the role of the main character Alice had been played by the gorgeous actress Elizabeth Taylor. The film is based on a real story. Alice won a brothel in a poker game and took over its management. At the same time, she is a real beauty, and all the men are circling around her…

Poker Alice – Watch Trailer Online

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