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What is Overbet in Poker

Overbet is a bet that significantly exceeds the size of the pot in a particular game. If you want to get maximum value or try to bluff, such bet, under certain conditions, may be the most effective way to achieve the desired effect.

Bluff plus overbet

Successful bluff with overbet against adequate player can beat out a strong hand or force an opponent to play all-in. Very often an opponent with a strong hand tends to call any bet. If his / her hand is weak, he / she will not pay even lower bet. Bluff using overbet can be very profitable. However, it is rather risky, and therefore you should think carefully before applying it.

Overbet with nuts

In this case, you have to be ready for the situation when all the players with weak hands, that could pay smaller bets, will fold. You should try to play a strong hand in such a way that you would get maximum payment from your opponents.

Protective technique

Overbet is a good way to beat various draws, potentially dangerous for the subsequent stages of the game, out of the pot. Raise is a way to force the bulk of the opponents to fold or make them pay full.

Overbet against “Fish”

Weak players do not understand well the real value of bets. Having a strong hand, they can call low as well as high bets. An experienced player always takes advantage of this situation and “pulls” as much money as possible from the Fish.

If you are not confident in the strength of your hand, and suspect that your opponent is in the same position, to inflate the pot raising, is not the most reasonable solution. You must not forget that the calling stations will not respond adequately to the raise. Overbet should be used “wisely”, only in this case it will lead to the victory.