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Ocean’s Eleven Movie Review, Trailer

Ocean’s ElevenTitle: Ocean’s Eleven

Year: 2001

Country: USA

Directed by Steven Soderbergh

Starring: George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia, Casey Affleck, Scott Caan, Elliott Gould, Bernie Mac, Don Cheadle

Ocean’s Eleven is perhaps one of the most exciting actions for the last few years. Despite the fact that the release of the film was back in 2001, it still is a staple on television, because it can be watched over and over again.

The story tells us about Danny Ocean, robber and legendary thief, who having emerged from jail, is again planning a great robbery. This time, Ocean’s main goal is casino, and robbery has to be the biggest in the history. Ocean’s goal is to steal from casino $ 150 million. If everything works out well, Ocean with his team will hit the jackpot. Casino, which Ocean is going to rob, is owned by Terry, who threatens with meeting with Danny’s ex-wife Tess. In just one night, Ocean manages to put together a squad of 11 real professionals who should assist in the implementation of the planned robbery. However, in order to commit robbery, Denny needs to risk his life and put his shirt on.

Ocean’s Eleven is not just an action; it is a real legend of cinema that will take place in its history due to its impressive cast and spectacular plot. That is why we recommend you to start watching online this legendary film right now!

Ocean’s Eleven – Watch online (trailer)

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