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Lucky You Movie Review, Watch Trailer Online

Lucky You posterTitle: Lucky You

Year: 2007

Country: USA, Germany, Australia

Directed by Curtis Hanson

Starring: Phyllis Somerville, Eric Bana, Horatio Sanz, Drew Barrymore, Joey Kern

The main character of the movie – Huck Cheever (Eric Bana) is a great and hopeless poker player for whom poker is a lifestyle. Huck is an emotional guy, who is ready to risk everything to win. But his passion does not apply to the roulette or betting, he is only keen on poker, namely Texas Holdem.

In Las Vegas, there is being held another World Poker Tour 2003 (WPT), and Cheever is doing his best to get money to enter the tournament. For this he is even ready to steal money from the girl that he likes (Drew Barrymore).

Most of all Huck Cheever wants to win the first place in the tournament. But everything is complicated by his father’s arrival in the city, who is also a poker pro. Huck cannot stand his father, as he dumped his mother for poker. And now they both will participate in the tournament, and compete not only for the main prize, but against each other.

Lucky You covers poker at its best. The movie shows all the arts and wiles of the professional players, and underlines how poker is related to psychology and self-control. All fans of Texas Hold’em will appreciate this film and see a lot of interesting.

Lucky you – Watch trailer online

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