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Huck Seed – Biography and Achievements

Huck SeedCelebrated player Huck Seed repeatedly found himself in the prize-winners of the World Series of Poker. He has four gold bracelet WSOP, but judging by Sid’s great shape there is more to come. In a heads up poker there are few professionals who can confront this outstanding master. Not by chance online poker room Full Tilt Poker concluded a long-term contract with him.

Huck Seed’s Hometown is Santa Clara, USA. It was there where on the 15th of January, 1969 a future poker star was born. Soon his family moved from sunny California to the north, to Montana. Here, in the small town of Corvallis, Huckleberry goes to high school and goes in for basketball. He earned a reputation of a promising athlete, and in 1987 he was invited to play for the state.

After studying at Corvallis High School, Seed returned to California and became a student of a private university – California Institute of Technology. Leaders of the university basketball team Caltech Beavers did not pass by the talent of the young athlete, and he was accepted into the first team. But everything changed in 1989: Huck got seriously interested in poker. Basketball and card game took all his time, so he decided to take a gap year. He has never graduated, but subsequent events showed that his choice of life-time project was correct.

Since 1990 Huckleberry started his ascent to the poker Olympus. The first victory in the competition “All Stars of Poker” demonstrated his young talent. On the wave of success Huckleberry decides to participate in the WSOP, and twice was a prizetaker. His talented game in 1994 brought him the coveted prize: the World Series of Poker champion bracelet. High achievements fueled his passion and desire to win, and in 1996 Huck was awarded the title of world champion by winning the WSOP Main Event. It wasn’t quite the end of his successful gaming career: Seed subsequently won two more bracelets and many times won prizes in various competitions of the World Series.

Huckleberry is a recognized master of heads-up game. Without him, the primacy of NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship would be different from what it is remembered by poker fans. He is the winning-est of this championship.

Seed is a versatile player and he is always ready to accept the challenge, regardless of the competition format. For example, his participation in the freeroll tournament at the WSOP Tournament of Champions earned him the victory over this tournament champions of various years.

Huck Seed is interesting not only as a player. He’s a smart and sporty gambler. She likes to bet and does not get disappointed in case of failure. Thanks to his courage, endurance and patience he managed to write his name in the history of poker.