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How to Play HORSE Poker – Simple Rules

If you are fond of poker for a long time, you must have ever heard of such variety of the game as a HORSE. This abbreviation comprises several types of poker, combined into a single game:

  1. Holdem;
  2. Omaha;
  3. Razz;
  4. Stud;
  5. Eight or better.

It is interesting that this kind of the game is one of the most popular with professional poker fans. It is believed that it is at its table that the true skills of the player are revealed. Moreover, its rules are quite simple.

The game itself is relatively new. In the WSOP tournaments, this kind of game appeared in 2003 and since then it is rather popular in this prestigious tournament.

Simple Rules of HORSE Poker

First of all it should be said that the game is in the format of the limit poker. This is due to the restrictions to the bets the players can make.

The very game consists of several rounds. At the first stage the players compete in Holdem, then Omaha, Razz, Stud and Eight or better. The order of the game is fully consistent with the acronym HORSE. By the way, due to the similarity of the acronym with the word “horse” this type of poker is often called “horse poker”.

Each round of this poker game consists of 8 hands. However, the rules are subject to change. After a pre-determined time is running out, the tour may change. In this case, at a certain stage, the dealer button is frozen in the game. This happens after the Omaha tour, as in Stud button cannot be used. Button gets into the game when switching to Holdem.

It is also interesting that the basic rules of the game are organized in such a way that none of the participants will pay extra blinds. As for the number of players, there can be at least two and maximum eight of them in the game.

All in all, HORSE is really a great opportunity to try oneself in several poker games, as well as to dilute the monotonous game with something new and unusual. However, to play HORSE you also need to have a certain level of skills. Therefore, before proceeding to the professional game, it is better to train. One can do it even today in online poker rooms.