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Honeymoon in Vegas – Review, Trailer

Honeymoon in Vegas posterDirector: Andrew Bergman

Starring: Nicolas Cage, Sarah Jessica Parker, James Caan, Johnny Williams, Pat Morita

Country: USA

Release: 1992

Honeymoon in Vegas is filmed by Andrew Bergman. The movie combines a comedy, a romance and also a poker game due to which the entire plot of the film takes place.

Plot Summary

The film’s protagonist Jack Singer (Nicolas Cage) has promised to his dying mother never to get married. However, his girlfriend Betsy (Sarah Jessica Parker) is determined and wants to have a family and children, so Jack has no choice and goes to Vegas to get married.

Having arrived in Las Vegas, Jack goes to a casino to relax and take his mind off playing a game of poker. There, he meets a millionaire and professional poker player Tommy Korman (James Caan). So, Jack decides to play a game of poker with him. Having an incredible poker hand street flash, Jack makes a decision to borrow money from Tommy to increase the size of the pot. But, what happens next…

Honeymoon in Vegas – Watch Trailer Online

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