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Greg Raymer – Achievements and Biography

In 2004 the world poker championship Main Event WSOP, which hosted more than 2.5 thousand players, ended with sensation. The main prize of 5 million was won by lurking 40-year-old lawyer from California – Greg Raymer. He managed to upstage such gold bracelet holders as David Williams (2nd), Josh Haria (3rd), Dan Harrington (4th) and Al Crookes (6th).

Greg Raymer was born on the 25th of June, 1964, in Minot (North Dakota). Gregory spent his youth in St. Louis (Missouri). In high school Greg, in addition to the school program, was introduced to poker and quite successfully played with his classmates, providing himself with pocket money.

After high school Greg studied at the local university where he received biochemist degree. Young man did not work in the specialty and entered the law faculty at the University of Minnesota. To have money to pay for his studies, Gregory got a job as a lawyer in a small private company.

Among students there were many gamblers. Greg together with his friends frequently went to casinos where most often played blackjack. Young Reimer used card counting and almost always beat the opponents.

Soon, however, card counting was banned and Greg, having remembered his school success, began to play poker again. In 1992 Gregory graduated from university and moved to California at the invitation of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer.

Greg Raymer

Gregory did not like being patent attorney. He devotes much time to the game and gradually increases stakes. By 1998 Reimer is already playing at the stakes of 150/300 dollars. He quits and begins his preparations to participation in poker tournaments.

The first experience of playing in the World Series tournament was unsuccessful. In 2000 Reimer did not reach the prize. He had to gain experience in less complicated competitions and in September of the same year Greg won his first victory at the World Poker Finals tournament.

The next three years Reimer persistently masters all ins and outs of the tournament game and becomes a world champion in 2004. Public attention is attracted not only by the aggressive style of play, but by Raymer’s habit to use different fossils instead of card protectors. Opponents were distracted by his 3-D glasses, hiding his look behind images of lizards. Among poker players Reimer is known as Fossilman.

Besides money and gold bracelet, success brought Raymer advantageous contract with PokerStars. He was among the first players of the Team PokerStars Pro. In 2007 Fossilman won the PokerStars WCOOP Main Event, having received a gold bracelet and nearly 170 thousand dollars. Greg Raymer was eliminated from the list of active players in 2011, and his cooperation with Poker Stars lasted till 2013.

In the following years Reimer repeatedly won prizes. Fossilman achieved his major success in 2012, having taken four prizes at the Heartland Poker Tour. The sum of his winnings for that season was 370 thousand dollars, and total amount of prize money over all the years exceeded 7 million.

In 2011, Raymer opened a school of poker Fossilman Poker Training and founded several clubs and a casino. He holds training seminars and teaches at the WSOP Academy.

In 2014, Greg Raymer gave a detailed interview to “PokerNews”. Summing up the years of the game, he said: “One thing poker teaches for sure is to leave behind all the troubles. This is what I have learned”.