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Career of The Poker Player Gavin Griffin

Gavin Griffin, 33-year-old native of Darien, Illinois, is one of the most promising young poker players. While his studies at Texas Christian University, where he mastered the profession of speech pathologist, Gavin discovered a knack for poker. Being seriously fascinated by the game, he honed his skills in online and “real” games with his friends.

Shortly before graduation, sportsman realized that poker could earn him good money. At that time, he worked as a dealer in a small private poker club in Arlington. Gradually developing his skills (usually in “live” competitions) Griffin turned pro in poker. For some time he boiled the pot at cash games, but at the end of 2003 things changed. Gavin Griffin won the WSOP bracelet and began taking part in major competitions:

  • In 2004, victory at the Pot-Limit Hold’em tournament brought Griffin about $ 270 thousand. The entrance fee was $ 3 000. Such victory was a dream of many players. It helped Gavin to get the status of the youngest prize-winner of the World Series of Poker, who managed to beat the record of A. Cunningham.
  • Beginning of 2007 was marked by the victory at the European tournament “Poker Grand Final” with prize money of € 1,8 mln. – the most serious gain in Griffin’s career.
  • Participation and victory at Borgata Winter Open within Word Poker Tour in Atlantyc-City in 2008.
  • In 2012 he won the II place at the “Omaha High Low Poker” tournament within WSOP with the gain of $ 163 625.

Three major victories at the WSOP, WPT and EPT rendered a great service to Griffin. They helped him become the first owner of the Triple Crown in the history of poker. Achievements at “Legends of Poker”, “Festa al Lago”, “L. A. Poker Classic”, “Bellagio Five Diamond World Classic Poker” made him famous and wealthy person.

At the beginning of 2014 the amount of money earned by Griffin was more than $ 4.8 million. Only victories at WSOP brought him at least $ 400 000. G. Griffin kept the lion’s share of money earned in tournaments on the investment bank account and it led to almost complete loss of his savings during the global crisis in 2008.

Griffin, despite the lack of glorious victories in his career, did not fold his hands and continues to play. Besides poker he participates in social activities. He has been dealing with the subject of combating breast cancer in women. In September 2007 and 2009, together with his future wife Amy Roberts he participated in Avon charity event focused on combating breast cancer, held in California. Griffin believes that he became successful only because of his family and friends that support him in all difficult situations.