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Full Tilt App For Mobile Phone

Most of the famous poker rooms offer games for mobile devices. And online poker giant Full Tilt Poker is not an exception. So everyone who wants to play online poker not only on a PC, can download mobile version of Full Tilt.

Universality of the mobile version of the Full Tilt application is that you can play online poker not only for the conventional chips, but for money as well. Moreover, you do not have to create separate account or a new account – you can continue to use your existing username and password from the PC version. Well, if you do not yet have an account with Full Tilt Poker, you can sign up without any problems via mobile version.

Before you download Full Tilt mobile client, make sure your phone meets the minimum requirements to run the application. To play mobile version of Full Tilt Poker, your mobile phone (or other device) has to be iOS 5 and above or Android 2.3 and above based.

How to play mobile Full Tilt Poker

So, if you have a device that meets the requirements to run mobile version of Full Tilt Poker, you have to take primitive actions to set up it:

First of all you have to download Full Tilt mobile app on your phone. Go to the official website and click “Download the App”. If your browser opens a full version of the website, click the tab “Mobile”, and download the application for your device. The button “Download on the App Store” is for iOS based devices, the button “Download for Android” is for Android based devices;

Full Tilt Mobile

Having downloaded and set up Full Tilt application, run it on your phone. Log in to the application using your username and password from the PC version of the client, or create a new account if you do not have an account with Full Tilt Poker.

Full Tilt Mobile

Now, Full Tilt Poker is set up on your phone, and you can start the game, which does not differ from the PC version of the client. You can play all kinds and types of poker available on Full Tilt, and play for real as well as conventional money.

Full Tilt Mobile

Full Tilt Mobile

Download Full Tilt from the official site