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What is Float in Poker

Texas Hold’em is considered to be the “king” of the club poker. Judging by the huge number of different playing techniques, such an assertion is easy to believe in. For example, the term Float is one of the many important nuances that every experienced poker player should know.

Sometimes, however, it happens that some of the pros use this method intuitively without reading any theory. However, as experience of many successful players has proven, most of them pay a lot of time studying various tactical methods. All of it helps them to reach higher heights in the world of poker art.

How to apply

Float is a calling game move. It is used in the game against the aggressor. The purpose of this maneuver is the opportunity to seize the initiative, followed by maximum gains. By calling so, the player waits, collecting the strongest hand and winning time to – unexpectedly for the opponent – take a dominant position in the next round. Most often the term “Float” is used as an analog of “Bluff”. Getting familiar with the peculiarities of such tactical method, you can easily make sure of it.

Some peculiarities

Quite often a player calls so even if there is a draw. The purpose of this action is expectation of the winning combination in the next round. Very often such mathematical expectation (ME) is justified. Moreover, Float is used as a response to the continuation bet of the opponent.

At this you let your opponent see that you have a fairly strong hand, and calling is just a way to increase the pot. Despite the fact that very often such a spectacular technique is a bluff, it makes the right impression on the opponent.

One of the examples

Here is an example of this method in practice:

  1. At the pre-flop Player A raises, Player B calls and all the other players fold their cards;
  2. After the flop, Player A bets again, and Player B calls again;
  3. At the turn, Player A checks and Player B bets.

With this course of events, Player A most often folds. In such cases, Player B may not be in the strongest hand, however, it is desirable to have some ready combinations. Of course, Float is not a magic bullet, with which you can win victories in all poker games.

It is best to apply this method against those players who in first rounds raise (in order to make stronger hand and increase the pot), and later place a continuation bet. If such opponents did not strengthen their hands at the flop, they are very likely to fold.