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What is a Fish in Poker

Almost everybody knows what the word “Fish” means in English. In poker it means weak, inexperienced players that can bring a lot of money to the opponent. Fish is not familiar with poker strategy, so very often negative mathematic outcome waits for it. In particular, such player relies on a marginal hand, investing an excessive amount of money in it.

Poker tables, at which majority of players are Fish, are called aquariums. Also at these tables there may be so-called piranhas (extremely aggressive players), barracudas (players of the middle class) and sharks (good players).

How to determine Fish during the game?

Fish plays almost every hand. According to the statistical data presented by the professional poker players, more than 75 per cent of hands are not potentially winning. For Fish, situation clears up at least after seeing the flop.

If you look at Fish in terms of the playing style, it feeds on checks or calls. It rarely raises and folds in doubtful situations. Hands of minimum strength are very significant for Fish. In this case, it can be overly aggressive at the poker table.

Extremely active Fish is called maniac, and unusually passive – calling station. A Fish that does not know the rules and does not have winning theoretical background, is nicknamed moron.

In poker, pocket fours signal Fish to act actively despite the fact that on the table there are two pairs of higher rank, for example, K / K / 7/7/2.

Ace at the pre-flop is all but a holy moment for Fish. In this situation it considers it necessary to go all-in, having a second pocket card without any strength. Ace at the flop, paired with a pocket card, urges Fish to bet all the money hoping to get a jump on the opponent.

Playing skills of Fish do not embrace the ability to read the opponent. Effect of “miracle” at the river is very important for it. Fish’s actions are fully illogical.

Fish is always suspecting players at the table in bluff. Its poker play is a hope for a permanent power of aces and kings.