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American Poker Player Erik Seidel – Success and Achievements

American poker player Erik Seidel was born in New York in 1959. There he spent his childhood and adolescence. With a lively, analytical mind, he achieved great success at the stock market.

Before being seriously carried away by poker, Erik Seidel dedicated eight years of his life to the professional backgammon. This experience proved very beneficial, since acquired skills and iron patience helped him to earn a fortune on poker. Name of Erik Seidel is known to everybody in poker circles. He is one of the richest players in modern poker and is considered to be a past master in calculation.

Currently, Erik Seidel lives in Las Vegas and would prefer not to advertise his personal life. This successful player managed to earn on poker almost 15 million dollars in the total, and also he won eight prestigious WSOP bracelets and flattering title of “Word Poker Tour” winner.

How to become a millionaire

Before showing himself to be a worthy opponent in the poker world, Eric Seidel came a long way of defeats. He took part in dozens of tournaments, but all of them were crowned with failure. He was considered a failure, and practically was not taken seriously, but in 1988 the star of his success appeared in the firmament.

Erik Seidel

This remarkable for his career year, Eric reached the final of the WSOP tournament and became an opponent to John Chen. In this tournament John was the winner, but Erik Seidel came second in the championship and it was the beginning of his meteoric career.

Achievements of the champion

For the period since 1989 till 2007, with his mind he earned a lot of money and prestigious trophies – 8 championship bracelets. From 2007 till 2011, he repeatedly won prizes at the Aussie Millions.

Online poker is considered to be the prerogative of the younger generation of players, but mature Eric of “old school” became successful even here. In 2010 he was enrolled on the Poker Hall of Fame list, what testifies to his significant achievements.

Poker master has gone great guns for a quarter of a century. During this period, he hit the prizes 60 times and earned prestigious awards. He could not get only the WSOP Main Event title. Due to his achievements Erik Seidel is the fourth in the ranking of the most successful poker players.

According to poker analysts, by the end of 2011, Eric had become a world leader in the number of tournament prize payouts.