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Erick Lindgren – Biography and Achievements

The path from the ordinary amateur player to a poker star is much more complicated than it seems at first glance. In order to achieve tangible results one needs to work hard and practice for many hours a day, to hone skills every day, developing his unique game system.

There are quite a lot of poker masters success stories, but not many of them can compare to the art of play of the famous player Erick Lindgren.

Erick Lindgren

He was born in the family of the ordinary owner of the tire fitting station in Burney, in the state of California. Even at an early age he had passion for various competitions and gambling sports.

He could not find himself in sports. Having entered college, Eric worked at casino as a dealer and in his spare time he played poker with friends from college. Gradually, having dropped into and having tried the taste for victory, Eric dropped out of college. At the age of twenty one with the purpose of additional income he placed several computers in his tiny room, and played simultaneously at eight tables on various websites.

Constant play and hard work played a role. Young Eric became a master of poker. He was obsessed with the game and the desire for victory, his playing style was aggressive and pushy.

Eric’s real breakthrough as a poker player was his move to Las Vegas and participation in the world tournament. There he won a dizzying victory, having earned almost 230 thousand dollars. In the following years he enjoyed success, became favorite at the poker table and a worthy opponent to the world poker stars. In 2004 he snatched victory from his best friend Daniel Negreanu at the “ Million III Limit Hold’em Cruise” tournament. This victory gave him opportunity not only to top up significantly his bank account, but also to become one of the best at the “WPT Player of the Year 2014” tournament.

In 2006 Eric came third at the WPT Borgata Winter Open poker championship, continuing his legendary march with victory and well deserved first place at the Five Star World Poker Classic global tournament. The peak of Erick Lindgren’s world fame concurred with 2006, when he took the second place at the World Poker session.

Later Lindgren published his first book “World Poker Tour: Making the Final Table”, where he describes in detail secrets of poker and shares tips on how to win at a table in the world poker tournaments.