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What is Equity in Poker – Notion of Equity

All actions in poker should be justified, so you need to know how profitable your hands may be. Profitability and distance are the main landmarks on the way to confidence in actions.

Notion of Equity in poker

In poker Equity is a part of the pot, the player claims to, considering his chances of victory. It is very important to understand this concept. So, Equity is not expectation, it is positioned as a capital that you can count on later, depending on the game strategy you have chosen.

Calculation of Equity, while playing poker, is usually carried out when one of the players bet all-in. Let’s consider the following example: you have a pair of queens and your opponent has a suited hand of a jack and 10. Let’s assume that the pot is one thousand dollars. In that case Equity is equal to 82 per cent. It means that your chances to win are 82/100. In monetary terms, it is equal to 820 dollars.

Playing poker, Equity can be calculated with special calculators. The most popular of them is Pokerstove.

Equity calculation methodology

Poker Equity can be calculated by the following methods: Enumerate, Monte Carlo and probability of strengthening.

Enumerate method

When using this method, you need to try subsequently all the possible outcomes. It is used by all poker calculators. In this case Equity (Eq):

Eq = Nwin / Nloss + Ntie / 2

Nwin – number of positive results, Nloss – number of negative results, Ntie – number of results with the shared pot.

Monte Carlo method

This method of Equity calculation uses an iterative component, accompanied by the inability to check all the possible outcomes. Designers of poker calculators also use Monte Carlo.

Probability of strengthening

This technique is very simple, that is why it has won recognition from the majority of players. To calculate Equity successfully, one should be guided by the basic probabilities, for example, chances of collecting a pair at the flop, chances at draw-street, draw-flash and others. For example, at the pre-flop two overcards have a 60 per cent Equity, while for suited connectors this figure is 40 per cent. This figure is caused by the fact that when you play poker connectors have the opportunity to collect a pair, straight or flush.