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Doyle Brunson – Biography and Achievements

Doyle Brunson fundamentally influenced the development of poker. His book «SuperSystem», published in 1978, opened a lot of poker science secrets and became a reference book for the vast number of this fascinating game lovers. Brunson was the first one who was lucky enough to earn the first million on poker.

Texas Dolly

The man, who was destined to be poker legend, grew up in Longworth – a small town in Texas. He was born on the 10th of August, 1933 in a poor family and since early childhood he learned the truth – to achieve something in life, one must work tirelessly. Brunson had the makings of a great athlete and prospects to become famous all over the world due to the achievements in running or basketball, but an unexpected injury, which led to severely damaged knee, thwarted all his athletic dreams.

Doyle took on his studies full-hearted and began to pay much attention to gambling, including poker. After graduating from university, he gets a job, but one day he realises that 3 hours of the game can get him the amount that exceeds his monthly salary. And then Brunson makes a final decision to bone up seriously on poker.

His first tournaments were held in conditions that were hazardous to life, since among his opponents very often there were representatives of criminal business. Doyle moved to Las Vegas and continued to improve his skills having gathered the support of his friends – Amar Slim and Sailor Roberts.

Doyle Brunson

Tournament results

Brunson is the owner of ten WSOP bracelets. He received his first title and $ 220 000 gain at the World Series tournament (buy-in – $10 000) in 1976. In 1977 he secured his prestigious title. In both championships winning was combination of ten and two of different suit. Now this combination is named after the legendary player. This success marked the beginning of a series of victories and for the period since 1977 to 2005 Brunson won eight more bracelets.

Among his achievements there is victory at the WPT-2004 championship: Doyle managed to upstage a record number of participants and receive a prize of $ 1 198 290 – maximum gain for his long career. Total amount of prize money, Brunson received for all his tournaments, exceeded five million already.

Hall of Fame opened its doors to him in 1988, and now Brunson is included in the expert group that decides whether another contender is worthy to occupy this place of honor.

Big Papa

His fate, full of ups and downs, dangers and victories, is a vivid example of how one can achieve great success, relying on their strength, intelligence and diligence. The owner of an incredible number of titles and awards, remaining on the pedestal of Poker for more than 50 years, Brunson has become the “godfather” of modern poker.