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What is Downswing in Poker and How to Deal With It

If a player is in a bad patch, no matter how good or bad cards he gets, he still loses. In jargon it is called Downswing. No poker player is immune to downswing. In a bad patch it is impossible to predict, and search for the ways to overcome it, sometimes becomes all but the meaning of life.

Downswing can unsettle even the most persevering players. Not everyone is able to be on behaviour and settle calmly this situation. Many players yield to tilt, aggravating their situation. The result of the improper and inappropriate behaviour often becomes a long-drawn decline in the game, and depression.

First of all, you should try to change your attitude to what is going on and to look anew at the situation. It is advisable to revise your attitude to poker in general, and your behaviour at the table. There are several ways to deal with downswing. Here are the most effective of them.


If poker table triggers only negative emotions, the best solution would be break in the game. An important condition is that a break should be not only at the table, but “in your mind” – you should not think about the moments of the game over and over again.

Long-term work

Misfortunes can happen with any player. Downswing is a good time to work even harder on your game skills.

Limits reduce

Chronic bad luck brings harm not only to your ego but to the bankroll as well. During this period, you can try to play with reduced limits. Failures will hurt a little less, and over time it will stabilize psychological state. When one or two sessions are played well and confidence in your abilities has returned, you can set previous limits.


Failures at the poker table directly affect player’s bankroll. This method suggests that after the loss of a certain part of a bankroll, a player leaves the game, so as not to lose more or even all of the money.


If a break is not acceptable for the player, he / she should focus on the game. Onlooking will help to understand mistakes, find solution and will become the beginning of the struggle with misfortunes.

Friends’ support

Companions in game will excellently help to cope with the psychological problems. It is for sure that in their careers there were also hard times. Advice of friends who survived hard times can be very valuable.

Positive attitude

No matter how bad the situation at the table is, you should never lose self-belief. Remember: giving way to your negative emotions, caused by failures at the poker table, you become more vulnerable to opponents. Believe that a bad patch is sure to end.