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Dealing Cards in Poker Games

Dealing cards is a mandatory point in every game of poker. It takes place just after all the players at the table make their bets. If we talk about Texas Holdem, two face-down cards are dealt, so only the player himself can see them. After that there is a round of betting, which in Texas Holdem is called the “pre-flop”.

Basic rules

It is important to say that cards dealing is a special game ritual, so one should treat it at most carefully. And if in poker rooms this task is carried out by the random number generator, at professional gambling houses this is a responsibility of the specially trained dealer. At home tournaments the task is assigned to one of the players.

Cards shuffling

It is the first stage of the ritual before the very cards dealing. One can shuffle the deck in several different ways: in a chaotic manner by mixing the two halves of the deck, or in a stack manner – four parts and more.

The only condition is that cards shuffling must be as even as possible to make the deck organized randomly.

Deck straightening

It is the second important stage before the cards are dealt. At the professional table the dealer performs this procedure with only one hand, and only once. However, in different gambling houses the rules of the procedure may vary considerably. In particular, the first to cut the card is a player to the right of the dealer, or the player next to him. Straightening itself is carried out exclusively with a special cut card. All the cards are placed on the table, and the rest of the deck is shuffled. Before every new dealing, the procedure is repeated.

Cards dealing and technique

According to the general rules of cards dealing cards should be dealt clockwise. Number of cards dealt directly varies depending on the type of poker.

Dealing cards, the dealer should be very careful not to accidentally show the bottom card or turn over any card of one of the players. And if that happened, dealing is still completed, but the player can replace the card that was open with any other from the deck. If the mistake and card “flash” occurred due to the fault of the player, the replacement is not possible.

Moreover, there is a special technique of cards dealing. Thus, this procedure should be performed only by the thumb and forefinger of the right hand with the wrist fixed. The middle finger should always be bent to the thumb and its tip should be placed near the lower edge of the card. Cards should be dealt accurately and placed there where the player prefers.

Straightened fingers of the dealer must always point to the player who expects the cards.

The most frequent mistakes in cards dealing

Inexperienced dealers often make the following mistakes while dealing the cards:

  • Their wrist is too flexible;
  • Hands are too stretched frontwards;
  • Elbows are raised too high;
  • The wrist should be in the correct position. To do it, while taking a card, thumbs should not be placed perpendicularly to each other.