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Who is a Dealer in Poker

Dealer (Button) is considered to be one of the most important figures in poker. This term has several interpretations. In poker it is a representative of the casino, or the person entitled to deal cards in a “live” game. This word also refers to a special position at the poker table, which is represented by the button of the same name.

At bottom, dealer is a player who is to deal cards. The first meaning of Button is to define those who should place a small and a big blind.

Such system is true for Texas Hold’em, Draw Poker, Omaha, Lowball and Badugi, and the player, who is a dealer, has the right to act after all the other players have already made their moves. To enter the game as a dealer is best of all, as it provides a minimum loss and maximum gain. It led to the appearance of the phrase “play in position”, “advantage of position”.

Dealer button

Dealer button is an essential attribute of poker. No matter how it is called “button”, “buck” or whatever, its main function is to determine the course of actions at the poker table. Literally, it means that if the button points at you, it’s your turn to deal the cards.

Dealer button automatically indicates the position at the poker table as “on the button” (on the position). The position of the player, who is to place big blind, is after the position of the player who is to place the small blind. The position of the player, who is to place small blind, is directly after the dealer. At another hand, dealer button moves clockwise and as a result all the players one by one place small and big blinds and in turns find themselves in the position of a dealer.