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Deal Movie Review, Watch Trailer Online

Deal movie posterTitle: Deal

Year: 2008

Country: USA

Directed by Gil Cates Jr

Starring: Burt Reynolds, Bret Harrison, Shannon Elizabeth

Movie Deal will certainly be appreciated by all the fans of poker. It tells about a young guy Alex, who is very good at mathematics and plans to go to college to be a lawyer. He is interested a little in poker and mostly plays with friends or online. But one day, after spending all night playing, he wins online tournament on PokerStars and gets a ticket to the offline poker tournament with the Stars.

But it turned out that his mathematical skills are not enough to contest with real pros and Alex is very quickly out of the tournament. However, he draws attention of one of the “forgotten” pros who left poker 20 years ago because of fear to lose his wife. Having seen Alex’s fiasco on television, Tommy becomes his mentor, teaches him all the tricks of the game and how to read the opponents.

Since Tommy himself does not play poker, as he promised his wife, they make an agreement with Alex. Alex will be participating in tournament, and Tommy will teach him poker skills, and all the winnings are divided in half.

But they quarrel and go their separate ways. In the days of Tommy’s youth, there were no awards and titles for achievements in poker. And in spite of his promise to his wife, Tommy takes part in the tournament in order to make his dream come true and win WSOP bracelet. At the tournament, Alex and Tommy meet and both reach the final table, left heads-up. But who will win: a student or a teacher?

Deal – Watch trailer online

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