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David Williams – Biography and Achievements

David Williams is one of the most interesting poker players who was 7 million US dollars in pocket for his career.

David was born in Dallas on the 9th of June, 1980 in the family of an African American and a native of Iran. Future poker star was educated in difficult conditions as the family had no father.

David Williams’ difficult childhood contributed to the development of responsibility and discipline, because of the mother’s long absence (she worked as a flight attendant), he, being 12 years old, had to cook himself and do lessons. In his spare time he was fond of puzzle game Magic: The Gathering, which required attention and correct assessment of chances of a particular “magic” card. David became a fan of the game, participated in competitions all around the world and reached the level of the best players.

After school David Williams did not even think about poker. He entered prestigious Princeton University, but because of loneliness while studying on the east coast of the US returned home to enter one of the higher educational institutions in his native Dallas. Here he received the highest average score on academic performance and was on his way to degree in economics.

David Williams

It was then when he began to use his skills and knowledge in poker. He achieved success very early and in 2004 he received a prize package at the prestigious World Series of Poker. First participation at such high level was a sensation, since David Williams came second, giving way only to Greg Raymer.

After that there was a slight decline, but in four months he was again second, having received about 600 thousand dollars at the World Poker Tour Borgata Open tournament.

In 2005-2006 David did not achieve major victories, but participation in tournament final rounds often brought him winnings of more than 100 thousand dollars. It was in 2006 when Williams reached the greatest achievement. What is meant here is gold bracelet, received at the World Series.

Now the star of poker world continues to participate actively in poker tournaments actively adding impressive amounts to his fortune in online or offline games. However, according to his own story, in the future he wants to continue his education and gain doctorate in economics. When will it happen? Nobody knows as every time David tries to please his mother who is his most loyal fan.