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Daniel Negreanu – Success and Victories

Daniel Negreanu is called the king of poker. This is the youngest professional who has achieved tremendous tournament results. He has six bracelets, two WPT Championship titles and prize-winnings of more than $ 30 000 000.

Poker child

Daniel Negreanu was born in the family of Romanian immigrants in 1974. Shortly before that his parents went in search of better life to the United States, but in the end they settled in Toronto (Canada), where future star of poker spent early years of his life.

Having experienced poker as a child, Daniel did not bother to study hard at school and by age 18 years he spent not less than 8 hours a day playing poker. At the age of 22 he finally realized that it was poker that was his lifetime project. Last year on the 26th of July Daniel celebrated his 40th birthday.  For the years devoted to poker, he has never doubted the correctness of the chosen way of life.

Daniel Negreanu

Tournament results

Daniel’s first significant victory occurred in 1997: he was lucky to win two World Poker tournaments and earn a prize of more than 55 thousand dollars.

The next year he earned the title of the youngest player who got the WSOP bracelet and a prize of about $ 170 000. It was then when he got his nickname “Kid Poker”.

He got new success, prize of over $ 100 000 and another bracelet due to the victory in the S.H.O.E. championship in 2003.

2004 was particularly successful year: Negreanu won his second bracelet and a prize of $ 169 100.

Participation in 4 final tables earned him the title of the “Player of the Year” according to the WSOP. This success was immediately followed by two victories in the WPT championships, due to which the amount of tournament earnings increased by nearly $ 3 000 000. Kid Poker was voted the best in the WPT series.

In 2008 he won at the Limit Hold’em WSOP, having won more than $ 200 000 and another bracelet, and showed his professionalism in the British Columbia Poker championship, where he received additional $ 300 000.

In 2011 Daniel managed to gain a foothold on the 2nd place at the Caribbean Adventure tournament and earn $ 1 000 000, therefore he got championship according to the amount of tournament winnings.

In 2012 victories in the EPT earned him a total of more than 2 000 000 $.

Real triumph was waiting for him at the WSOP tournament in 2013 – bracelet and a prize of more than $ 1 000 000. Daniel was the best player of the year.

2014 gave Negreanu two prizes and $ 12 000 000 at the WSOP tournaments. For his 2nd place in one of the WSOP tournaments Daniel earned prize of $ 8 288 001 – his maximum gain.


Daniel is confident. Nevertheless that does not prevent him from remaining exceptionally friendly and open person, literally spreading positive on everyone around. He has a lot of fans watching all the events of his incredible career with great pleasure.