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Daniel Alaei – Biography and Playing Achievements

In the world of poker, Daniel Alaei is a well-known high-class player. He achieved a lot of success – both at cash tables as well as in several World Series of Poker. Acute and complex card game became his vocation. Intelligence and patience – are two basic qualities that define the success of any of the players.

The collection of Daniel Alaei consists of four prestigious gold bracelets, testifying to convincing victories of this professional player. The total amount of his prize money up to now has reached nearly 6 500 000 US dollars. Only these two achievements could be a proof of the highest level of Daniel’s game.

How it all began…

The future poker champion was born in 1983 in Santa Fe Springs, in the US state of California. Those who knew him said that little Alai did not like to attend school classes. He had his hobby – he was actively collecting basketball and baseball cards. Despite his age, the young collector achieved considerable success in this business. In particular, he sold one of the rare cards for a very large amount (72 000 US dollars).

Alai gained his first card experience at the age of 16. Looking older than he was, the young Daniel played a few times blackjack in the well-known Las Vegas. Somewhat later future champion discovered poker. Almost immediately this game became main occupation in the young man’s life. First Alai played at cash tables.

Daniel Alaei

Achieving Success

Very often experienced players put the freeze on the young opponent’s game. However, for their arrogance they often had to pay with a crushing defeat. Modesty and respect for opponents were always characteristic of young Daniel. In contrast to the reckless pressure and thoughtless experiments of his many peers, the future champion was playing gently and quietly.

With such approach after a short time Alai could reach high stake limits in his plays at cash tables. Since 2003, Daniel began to take an active part in poker tournaments at various levels. By the beginning of 2005, this gifted player had already dozen victories in major competitions.

Gold bracelets of the champion

Further victories became a logical chain, gradually evolved into the first gold bracelet of the World Series of Poker champion. 2005 was fruitful for Daniel Alaei: 12 times talented sportsman was a winner of major tournaments. This brought the young player about 400 000 US dollars.

Besides, the same year future owner of the gold bracelets was a finalist of three more popular No Limit poker tournaments. Daniel Alaei got his first prestigious bracelet of the World Poker Championship winner in 2006. This talented player repeated such achievement in 2009, 2010 and 2013.