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Dan Harrington – Biography and Tournament Results

Dan Harrington is one of the most prominent poker pros. Harrington is notable for his special tight style of play for which he was nicknamed “Action Dan”. Green baseball cap with the words Boston Red Sox is his unchanged mascot, which became part of his image long ago. Harrington gave the world a whole series of books-manuals on poker and made a significant contribution to its promoting and therefore earned great respect of the poker community.

The Champion

Dan Harrington is from Cambridge. Future Genius of Poker was born on the sixth of December, 1945. Even at an early age he had passion for sports, chess and backgammon. Having polished his skills in these games to a fare-thee-well, in 1971 Harrington won the local chess championship, and 9 years later he won the Cup in the backgammon World Championship.

Soon he realized that these achievements will not help him to achieve financial independence and decided to realize his potential in poker, the first acquaintance with which occurred in 1982 at the university. Harrington received a law degree and was a successful lawyer for the bankruptcy, worked part time at the stock market and real estate operations.

Dan Harrington

Tournament results

Official Harrington’s poker career began in 1986, which was marked by Dan’s participation in several tournaments, including the WSOP tournaments. The following year he was lucky to gain a foothold in the 6th place at the final table at the WSOP Main Event and get a prize of $ 43 750. In 1988 – 1994 Harrington focused on business, which he always put before poker, and at that time he paid little attention to the game.

His returning to the serious game in 1995 was more than successful – Harrington got two victories at the WSOP having won $ 249 000 and $ 1 000 000.

Next significant victory awaited Dan in 2003: World Championship tournament earned him 3rd place and a prize of $ 650 000. In 2004 he took the 4th place at the final table of the alike tournament and received $ 1 500 000.

In 2005 participation in the No Limit Hold’em «World Poker Tour» tournament earned him the 2nd and the 3rd place with a total gain of more than $ 900 000. The biggest prize of $ 1 634 865 Dan got for supremacy at the WPT Legends of Poker. After that he hit top- five players who won at the WSOP and WPT Main Event.

Harrington today

Harrington has two WSOP bracelets, at least four prestigious victories and gains that exceed $ 6 000 000. In 2010 he was rightfully enrolled on the list of the Hall of Fame. Despite very different judgments about Harrington being so extraordinary, he is not chasing fame and titles, and avows that the only thing he wants from poker is money. Big money.