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What is Cooler in poker

Cooler is a situation when two players both have strong hands, but one of them has a little stronger hand, and as a result the other one loses. However, his loss occurs not due to the mistake at the starting hand, but due to the unfavorable circumstances.

The peculiarity of the situation is that the players cannot play the other way, neither can they simply fold. For example, if one player at the starting hand has two kings, and the other one – two aces, none of them will fold, as they both will think that their couple is the strongest. One can only assume what a starting hand the opponent has. If both of them get into the set, it is obvious that the situation will be more favorable for the second player. No matter how proper the players play, one player’s loss is inevitable, as most often the whole stack must be played.

Cooler is rather unpleasant side of poker, as even obviously right decision will not save from failure. This situation is fundamentally different from the Bad Beat, in which the player with the nuts, due to circumstances, loses to the opponent with the weaker hand – in Cooler two players play with strong starting hands.

Cogitative player will not attribute any failure to Cooler, but will try to analyze his / her game, to assess how well he / she played the hand, and if there was a chance to lose less. It should be taken into account that at long distance, every player gets an equal number of Coolers in his / her favour, and in favour of his / her opponent. The result will depend on the player’s ability to control the situation: under favourable circumstances to get maximum value, and to minimize losses at failures.