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Chris Moneymaker – The One Who Makes Money

Chris Moneymaker is a player who due to one game became a poker star and once for all went down in history. He inherited his “talking” last name from previous generations engaged in minting money.

Chris Moneymaker – Biography and Achievements

Accountant from Tennessee

When on the 21st of November, 1975 an heir was born in an ordinary American family, no one could have imagined what a unique fate awaited for him. Christopher Brian Moneymaker was born in Atlanta. Early in childhood he and his family moved to Tennessee, where he first studied at school and then at university and received master’s degree in accounting.

Chris was interested in cards since childhood – his grandmother taught him to play bridge, with the help of his father he mastered blackjack. Gradually this interest moved into the plane of Internet.

Moneymaker Effect

In 2003 victory in online satellite with $ 39 fee allowed practically unknown player Chris Moneymaker take part in a WSOP live tournament. Another victory provided the necessary amount of the buy-in ($ 10 000). However, in order to go to the prestigious tournament, Moneymaker had not simply to use extra financial help of his father and friend, but also to cut them in.

Chris Moneymaker

Participation in the Main Event was crowned with a grand victory: having defeated famous Sam Farkh, Moneymaker won the World Title of the WSOP and received a prize of $ 2 500 000 and the coveted bracelet. Offbeat event caused a furore in the world of poker, and the extraordinary rise of interest in the game was even called the “Moneymaker effect”. On his way to victory, Chris upstaged 800 players – millions of people were inspired by this breakthrough and believed that even being an amateur in poker, you can succeed.

In 2004 Chris came 2nd and received a prize of $ 200 000 at the WPT tournament.

In 2008 he came 6th and won a prize of $ 139 635 at the PokerStars tournament.

In 2011, he took the 11th place in the PCA Main Event and earned $ 130 000. For his career Moneymaker earned more than $ 3 million.

The one who makes money

Moneymaker did not let it go and continued his poker career under nickname “Money800”. He became a member of the Pro Team PokerStars, starred in the video course for beginners and together with Daniel Paisner published an autobiographical book.

Even 10 years after that stunning victory, Moneymaker is still very proud of this achievement. However, poker for him is first of all not a passion, but a great way to make money and provide a decent life for his family. Chris invests winnings in business, and his only talisman is his little daughter.