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Chris Ferguson (Jesus) – The Most Charismatic Poker Player

“One day in poker consists of 90% of luck and 10% of skills. One year in poker consists of 10% of luck and 90% of skills”. These words belong to one of the most charismatic players in the poker world – Chris Ferguson and excellently reflect the main essence of poker.

Ferguson can hardly be confused with any other player – long hair and neat beard became part of his image due to which Chris was called “Jesus”. Cowboy hat and mirrored sunglasses successfully complete this extraordinary look.

Chris Ferguson – Start from scratch

Chris Ferguson is from Los Angeles – the world center of gambling. The poker genius was born on the 11th of April, 1963 and at an early age got acquainted with the theory of games. It is not surprising, since both his mother and father have PhD in mathematics.

Having finished school successfully, Chris received degree at the University of California. Then for a few years he combined postgraduate study and teaching. At college he was improving skills playing for virtual money in the IRC-chat. Getting a Ph.D. in computer field (1999) coincided with his serious involvement with poker.

Chris Ferguson

Tournament results

Chris Ferguson is a real phenomenon of modern poker. Five gold bracelets for winning at the World Series of Poker tournaments, three championship rings for success in a series of WSOP Circuit, victory in the WSOP-2000 Main Event, champion in heads-up game in 2008 – this is not a complete list of his achievements.

At first, Ferguson didn’t have an opportunity to play in tournaments with buy-ins. In 1994 he actively practiced in local tournaments, and in 1995 had the courage to participate in the WSOP tournament – in this game he managed to come fifth.

2000 proved to be more successful for Ferguson. This is when Chris got his first bracelet and a prize of $ 151 000 for the victory in 7 Card Stud, and secured his success having won at the WSOP Main Event, which earned him his second bracelet and a prize of $ 1 500 000. In 2001 and 2003 Chris got three more bracelets, having won more than $ 300 000.

At present total amount of Ferguson’s tournament winnings exceeded $ 8 000, 000. He can boast of not less than 25 final tables at the World Series and more than 40 cash prizes. Chris is on top-twenty of the most profitable players, is one of the largest shareholders of Full Tilt and a permanent member of his team.

Challenge for Chris Ferguson

Deep mathematical knowledge allowed Ferguson to become a pro – shrewd and self-confident. In 2006 he set himself the task – to raise bankroll from the ground up to $ 10000. Chris developed bankroll management, followed it diligently, and successfully completed the experiment and taught a great lesson to the poker world. In order to popularize poker he has published several books on poker training.

In the long term Ferguson may follow in his father’s footsteps and become a professor at the University of California, but today he remains an extremely successful tournament player.