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Cheating in Online and Offline Poker

Every year poker attracts more and more people. Poker rooms vie to offer the best terms of the game, but except for clean fighters, there are also cheaters at the playing tables.

Cheaters’ attempts to steel money affect interests of clean fighters as well as of the poker room or casino since cheating can lead not only to significant loses, but to tarnished reputation.

Cheating in Online Poker

Anonymity of the online game can favor possibilities of cheating when unfair players attempt to worm out part of the multimillion-poker turnover

The main ways of cheating in on-line poker:

  • Collusion, when several players at the same table play under prearrangement
  • Special programmers (cheats) which give an advantage of one player over another one;
  • Poker bots, that perform functions of the player at the table;
  • Several accounts (the so called “multi-accounting”);
  • Selling of the seat (account) to the professional player.

Experienced cheaters very often apply the following variants of the foul play:

Team Play

It is a joint (team) play. Several people communicating by Skype or telephone easily figure out cards of the “victim”. Subtype of the team play is “ladder”, based on the aggressive raises and whipsawing.

Chip Dumping

It is a play when one player on purpose loses money or chips to another player. One of the ways chip dumping is carried out is via hacked victim’s account.

Bonus Hunting

This variant works against poker room and is based on free bonuses collecting via unrestricted number of accounts.

Offline Poker Cheating

But for purposeful violations of the game rules and evading payments to casino, offline poker cheaters do the following:

  • peep into the cards of the other players;
  • try to steel chips from the bank;
  • short stack;
  • use marked cards.

Another way of cheating is a soft play against the chosen partner. To reveal such tactics is not easy as nobody knows about friendly relations between players that play into the hands of each other.

One more tactics that suggest trust relations between cheaters is a complex collusion. However, cheaters a priori can’t be clean fighters, that’s why collusion is a rather rare phenomenon. Besides, no matter how sophisticated cheaters are, they risk to be disclosed, that’s why they do not stay in the same place for a long.

To disclose cheaters well-established poker rooms use ultramodern high technologies, in which artificial intellect is to monitor the play and to reveal superstitious actions long before players as well as poker rooms will be impaired. Not to be caught into the cheaters’ trap, one should be extremely attentive and play only in the reliable poker rooms.