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Carlos Mortensen – Biography and Achievements

Carlos Mortensen is one of the most authoritative and rather dangerous representatives of the poker world. He was the first who won WSOP and WPT titles. Instincts and phenomenal memory for opponents are characteristic of Carlos’ game.

Hot Blood

Carlos Mortensen is originally from the Ecuadorian city of Ambato. Future “Matador” was born on the 13th of April, 1972 and up to the age of 15 lived in his hometown. Then, together with his family, he moved to his mother’s birth place – Madrid (Spain). Having entered the University of Madrid after finishing school, Carlos focused on the study of physics and mathematics. Before being carried away by poker, Mortensen devoted all his spare time to chess.

For the first time Carlos appeared at the poker table in 1997 – $ 100 loss made him think seriously about the strategy of the game. The next night he recovered his losses and now he could not live a single day without playing. Month after month Mortensen with perseverance developed his skills in the clubs of Spain, until all his opponents were completely cut out. Carlos set off in quest of luck to Atlantic City, where he played with varying success, not surrendering to despair nor turning off the track.

Carlos Mortensen

Tournament results

Mortensen’s first participation in a live WSOP tournament in 1999 got possible thanks to the efforts of his friends, acting as sponsors. Although this game did not bring him great success, it became a stepping stone to major victories.

In 2000, Carlos approved himself in the World Series of Poker No-Limit Hold’em tournament, having come the 7th and having received $ 22 575 prize. A couple of days later, in the alike tournament he was in the top ten, with the 9th place and 11 288 $ prize. It was then when he got nickname “El Matador”. Participation in live tournaments in 2000 brought Carlos not less than 30 000 $.

In 2001 Mortensen won at the WSOP tournament, won $ 1.5 million and the coveted bracelet. A little later, in a similar tournament Carlos managed to take 2nd place and a prize of $ 750 000.

Two years later, in 2003, Mortensen enlarged his collection of victories and bracelets in World Series of Poker tournament games. In 2004 Mortensen won another victory at the WPT, winning $ 1 000 000.

In 2007 a fearless “matador” set a new record by winning $ 3 970 415 at the WPT No Limit Hold’em Championship tournament. Then he added $ 1 985 208 to this sum, taking 2nd place at the alike tournament. In 2010 Carlos won another victory at the WPT, winning $ 393 820.

No step back

Mortensen participates in numerous tournaments and he is not going to stop. His wife is also interested in poker. She began her poker career in 2001 when Carlos got his first bracelet. Except for the poker Carlos is inspired by bowling, chess and music.