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What is Cap in poker

In the world of poker the term “Cap” means the upper limit of the pot, commission fee or rate in a single round of betting.

Cap of the game

Some casinos and poker rooms offer cash games with a limited size of the pot. The maximum limit of the pot in this case is the amount a player can bet in all rounds of betting for one hand. This rule is true for every player regardless of the amount of chips they have.

When the amount of player’s bets reaches the upper limit, it is believed that he goes “all-in”, which, in its turn, means that further bets in this hand are impossible for him.

For example, under the rules of the table the upper limit is $ 120. The total amount of all bets in the hand must not exceed this level, no matter what amount of money you have.

Cap of the rate

Traditionally in poker in one round of betting it is allowed to raise from three to five times (usually four). The last raise in the round is also called “Cap”. Let’s consider this rule for the game with a limit of four raises:

  • Player №1 (e.g. you) bets.
  • Player №2 raises.
  • №1 raises again.
  • A limit (Cap) is reached. Player №2 announces the last possible raise.

In this case, player №1 can call the opponent’s bet or fold. At that the round of the game is over.

Cap of the rake

Rake is nothing but a commission fee a poker club takes from every pot for providing its services. Most often it is not more than 5%.

The upper limit of the commission fee a casino or poker club charges from the players is also fixed. For example, if for four participants (players) the total rake is $ 2, it is assumed that every player contributes $ 0.5.