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Calling Station in Poker – Who is It

Players-beginners do not have sufficient experience and therefore they often do mistakes. One of the most common mistakes is the choice of the obviously wrong manner of playing. When the game is played in an overly passive style, they say that it is the game with Calling Stations.

Who’s Calling Station in poker?

Loose-passive style “Calling Station” refers to the players who play exclusively check and call. Calling stations are distinguished by the fact that they play a lot of hands, regardless of their rank. Even having marginal hands, they enter the play, hoping to raise while further betting.  This style of play does not prevent them from reaching Showdown.

Their inability to assess adequately the strength of their hand leads to the situation when they see strong as well as weak hands well suited to continue the game. They lay down only clearly weak hands. Having strong hand “auto caller” does not seek to raise the pot.

Such passive players hesitate to raise because of the fear to lose. If a Calling Station raises or goes all-in, one can assume that he has got hand strong enough to be sure in its dominance.

Drawback of the Calling Station is that they are easy to be read. Basic mistakes:

  1. Too often callings accompanied by the lack of aggression result in loss of profits in case of winning hands.
  2. Strong hand often leads to inadequate raises that can be easily read by experienced players.
  3. Playing with very weak hands.

How to play against Calling Station?

After identifying Calling Station, bluff becomes useless. The Calling Station will continue to call any bets including bluff ones, so it is advisable to play only really strong hands. Playing with Calling Stations one should follow a tight-aggressive style – only this style of play can result in maximum profit.

If playing properly with Calling Stations, the probability of getting big profit is very high, that’s why table with Calling Stations is the dream of any player.