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Brandon Cantu – Biography and Achievements

He is called the most unpredictable champion of poker. 2 bracelets at the WSOP, one at the WPT, 8 final tables at the World Series – this entire are merits the American Brandon Cantu, better known as “The Bounty Hunter”. At the same time due to his special way of playing and behavior at tournaments, Cantu is also called one of the most legendary “whiners” in the history of poker.


Brandon Cantu was born on the 10th of May, 1981 in the US Vancouver in Washington State. Currently he lives in Las Vegas.

Cantu owes his skills to play poker to his grandfather, who taught him to play it in early childhood. Brandon started professional gambling just after finishing school, having registered at one of the online poker rooms. For many years he dreamt of only one thing: to win a gold bracelet at WSOP, but every time luck turned away from him, sometimes quite a little. However, Cantu managed to achieve his goal: he won about a quarter of $ 1 million in one of the Pot Limit Omaha tournaments and got a long-awaited gold bracelet.

Brandon Cantu


Cantu’s career is quite ambiguous, there are spectacular ups and as well as deafening downs, after which the player took quite long breaks.

In 2009, the player came second in the NL Holdem tournament with $ 1 500 buy in. In total he won over $ 400 thousand. In 2010 he won at the Wynn Classic, winning more than $ 350 thousand. Moreover, he is the WPT tournament champion, twice he won at the WSOP, and due to that he immortalized his name in the history of poker.

Cantu’s total gains in various tournaments exceeded the figure of $ 3.5 million. But his biggest prize of $ 1 million was listed at the WPT NLH in 2008, with $ 10 thousand of buy in.

2012 was hard enough for Cantu as he was involved in a major scandal in the poker tournament in France. Cantu and Aguiar met in the final, but the game was postponed because of the law, according to which all casinos in France are closed as soon as 5 am. As a result, the game was played in 2 days and Cantu lost. After that he gave rather clamorous interview, claiming that he could have “destroyed” Aguiar. At that tournament Cantu received more than 200 thousand euros, but lost Gold-bracelet at WSOP, which was to become the third in succession.