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What is bounty tournaments in poker

Bounty is a function suggesting reward for the removal of one or more players from the tournament. At most, one can get bounty prize in not very big tournaments (including charitable ones), but sometimes such opportunity is available in prestigious tournaments as well.

Usually the reward is in the form of money. The player who has beaten an opponent out of the game gets his bounty as a reward. The total amount of bounty consists of the rewards for all the beaten out players. Moreover, the winner gets an opportunity to get back the amount of his /her paid bounty. The award may be given for the every “beaten out” opponent or the prize may be awarded for the “head” of the particular player.

Bounty tournaments participants in addition to the entry fee (buy-in) deposit the sum for their head – bounty. Usually this additional amount is not changeable throughout the tournament. Sometimes a more complex scheme is applied when the amount of player’s bounty increases according to the number of the opponents beaten out of the game.

Bounty in tournaments allows adding a touch of variety to the usual game. Some tournaments practice participation of various celebrities for the elimination of which bounty-prize is awarded. Focusing on the opportunity to get bounty, professional players try their best to adapt to the game, and that has a definite impact on the course of the game. For example, players are more likely to call a bet of the player who has few chips and goes all-in.

To get bounty-prize absolute leadership in the hand is not required. The main condition is that the opponent, you want to beat out of the game, in the result should not have chips. To do this, you need to have at least the same amount of chips as your opponent, for whom a reward is scheduled, has.