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Bertrand Grospellier – Biography and Achievements

Bertrand Grospellier was born in a French commune Melun in the Ile-de-France. It was here where at the beginning of 80th another representative of Guinness World Records was born, who managed to participate in 62 poker competitions in an hour. Bertrand’s childhood is associated with computer games, in particular, StarCraft, at which he was rather successful. Young man spent part of his life in South Korea, where he took part in StarCraft tournaments. The community of computer gamers will remember Bertrand Grospellier as the winner of the Euro Cyber ​​Games held in 2003.

In 2004 a compulsive gambler got acquainted with the art of poker. Grospellier had proactive attitude and analytical mind, that’s why poker classes were not a problem for him. Within three years Bertrand deposited account at PokerStars and got a serious bankroll due to simultaneously play at several tables. Less than a month after registration a young player was awarded the status of “Supernova”. After a while he changed this level to “SuperNova Elite”. It is worth saying that this evet was unprecedented in the history of online poker rooms. As a result, Bertrand Grospellier signed a sponsorship agreement with PokerStars.

Playing career

2008 was very successful for the famous computer gamer. This year he was ten times in a row in the money in online tournaments, and twice he won. Also at the beginning of this year, Bertrand went to the Bahamas, to participate in the Caribbean Adventure PokerStars tournament. In that tournament the French poker master managed to win a prize of $ 2 million. After that, he moved to Las Vegas and won the WPT championship with prize of $ 1.4 million.

Bertrand Grospellier

Young and promising Bertrand Grospellier took part in collective games, when the European team brought to its knees the American team at Caesars Cup. In addition, playing for his home team, he won the Belgian Open.

For his career Grospellier was a repeated winner of the world tournaments. In 2011 he became the owner of the gold bracelet, leaving no chance of success to poker professionals. At the same time he became a two-time winner of the EPT tournament, held in Barcelona, ​​Spain.