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Barry Greenstein’s Biography and Achievements

Name of Barry Greenstein is familiar, perhaps, to everyone who has ever heard about the best poker players. His biography is especially interesting because the story of his success is built on a huge effort, work and perseverance.


Barry was born on the 30th of December, 1954 in the suburbs of Chicago. Since early childhood, like equally well-known Allen Cunningham, Barry got addicted to poker thanks to his parents. Family of the future champion traditionally met at the poker table every weekend. Therefore since childhood Greenstein knew what a real poker is and how one should behave at the gambling table to win the opponents.

His first money at poker Barry earned at the age of 12 in one of the home tournaments. Nevertheless, for a long time Barry continued to play exclusively home poker, combining studies at high school and at the University of Illinois. At he was good at it. By the time he graduated, Barry has made fairly good heights in the world of poker, but still the emphasis was on education. And over the next ten years he even became a Doctor of Medical Science.

Barry Greenstein

However, when poker began to bring really good money, Barry realized that he should have devoted his entire life to this game. And he didn’t go wrong.


Greenstein can boast impressive number of achievements in the poker world. The most significant among them are achievements at such tournaments as the WSOP and the WPT. In particular, Barry played 30 times at WSOP, and never left without big wins. The first major Barry’s victory was in 2004 at the WPO, where he won $ 1.2 million. Besides, for his entire poker career only at the WPT Barry won more than $ 2 million, and his total winnings exceed the figure of $ 8.5 million. Moreover his gains continue to grow.

It is interesting that almost all of his money Greenstein won at the offline tournaments, while he didn’t succeed in online poker. In total, at the various tournaments Harry won more than two hundred prizes.

And in 2011 he was even enrolled on list of the world-famous Poker Hall of Fame.

In addition, several years ago, Barry published his own book “Ace on the River”. Besides Greenstein is actively involved in charity, donating quite large amounts to the known charities.

Barry Greenstein can definitely be called a legend of our time in poker world as he has done really a lot for the poker!