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What is Bankroll Management in Poker

Successful poker game requires going to one’s gut feelings. You must also have excellent knowledge and experience in this area. In order not only to play, but also not to lose, you can use some of the recommendations of the experienced players. First of all, it is necessary to learn to use the most important tool in poker – bankroll.

Bankroll is the amount of money that is allocated for the game. In order to achieve success, you must learn to manage this money.

Today, there are three main types of bankroll management: tight, normal and aggressive.

The first type refers to the players for whom poker is the only source of income. Accordingly, loss of bankroll will lead to complete loss of income. It is recommended to calculate the risk of bankruptcy, which should be less than 1%. Accordingly, there should be around 18 thousand dollars on poker account, because in this case, playing 2/4 Limit in NL Hold’em, one will be able to overcome a streak of bad luck without large financial losses.

The second type of bankroll management is recommended for those players who have multiple sources of income, but poker is a key one. This tactics is suitable for beginners to build up an impressive amount.

The third type suggests that there is always a 10% chance that the whole bankroll can be lost. In this case, the redeposit will be needed. Aggressive style is recommended only for experienced players who do not have difficulties with the game and have already beat lower limits. However, experts warn that bankruptcy is inevitable if to make cash outs continually.

There are general rules for all poker players:

  • If your bankroll is less than it is needed to play a certain limit, you should go down to the lower level, where available funds will be enough;
  • Before making a decision to move on to a higher limit, you should be sure that you have no problems with the current one.
  • Comfort is above all. Here you will need to go to your guts feeling. If you feel unsure, do not rush to raise the limit, as it will lead to stiffness and increased passivity.

Not to lose everything, a player should choose such a tactics when he / she can lose up to 15 stacks / buy-ins at the selected limit, and at the same time, not to cause substantial damage to his / her financial state.