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What Does the Term Bad Beat Mean in Poker

Poker is an intellectual game, in which luck and “nice scent” of cards are as important as the high level of mathematical background. Mastery of a poker player is determined by his / her ability to count and make hands. However, even the greatest players are not immune to the situation, which in poker circles is called “Bad Beat”.

What is Bad Beat?

There is no unambiguous definition of Bad Beat, so some players tend to call most of their losses with this term. Yet Bad Beat is not just a loss. It is a situation when obviously winning hand loses because of the incredible luck of the opponent. Most often, it is one of the scenarios described below:

  • The opponent plays his hand wrongly, and it is obvious that he will lose. For example, he calls without decent for such steps cards and pot odds. Having calculated mathematically your chances to win, you’re inside already celebrating victory. However, river or turn card radically changes the situation in favor of the opponent;
  • Your high hand is worse than another high hand. For example, your full house can lose to a straight flush. Mathematically, the probability of such coincidence is small, but still it exists.

Lot of winning players

Generally, Bad Beat is rightly called a lot of winning players. Bad poker players and beginners just do not use mathematics of poker, and probably they do not even know about its existence. They place their bets not according to the calculated chances, but just on the off-chance, at best intuitively. Game for them is a fun pastime and they are unlikely to differentiate failure from Bad Beat.

If you lose hand with good mathematical expectations, it is a reason for your joy, not sorrow. Yes, you lost a bet, but the fact that you have mastered mathematics of poker, and your opponent has not, is good news. If he / she tends to make hasty, short-sighted moves, at a distance he / she will certainly multiply your funds at own expense.

If, having won, your opponent does not even see Bad Beat, it will only strengthen his wrong views and carelessness, and it plays into your hands.

Control of emotions is a feature of mastery

Beginners are more exposed to emotions exposure, but nerves are not alien even to the experienced players. But even the largest loss is not a reason to spend your own energy to accuse opponents, poker rooms and yourself. This behavior will attract unnecessary attention of other players to you and may adversely affect your playing style.

If you feel that you have lost self-control, close gaming tables until your full psychological fortitude. Tournament participants are recommended to catch a break for a while, for example, to walk or have a glass of water.