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Professional Poker Players

The history of poker is replete with world-known players who have managed to achieve astonishing success in this field. It is noteworthy that among poker celebrities there are both, foreign and national stars of poker. Some of them managed to make a multi-million dollar fortune with poker, and others – win often, but not such large sums. Everybody has own approach to the game and every player is unique in own way. However, all professionals have one feature in common: they all play so spectacularly and masterfully that players all around the world began to imitate their style of play.

On this page we have tried to select biographies of the most popular poker players. Among them there are players of different ages, people of different sexes, from different corners of the planet and all of them have unique history on their way to the glory in the world of professional poker, as well as their own ups and downs. We offer you the opportunity to get acquainted with the biographies of all the players. It is noteworthy that this section is regularly updated with new biographies, because poker is a game that always forges ahead, and every day there appear new stars, who we are happy to tell you about.